Sunday, February 21, 2010

What happened?

Well... In the last year, I've never had the chance to update this particular write up.

So, what's exactly up.

Let's see, from the top of 2009. My grandpa passed away. I picked up cycling, due to the fear of heart problem that exists in my family. I stopped production on GeeksWeekly. Paul was an inspiration, but he does have something that he wishes to do. I guess, nothing is perfect in life. And I have to thank him for the chance that he gave me. All the audio editing skill was what I learned whilst producing the podcast. And it will always be something that I cherish and keep using it for my future projects. I got a job. As a lecturer. From June till December. It was nice, that I know, I can inspire people (hopefully I did). And at times, to understand that I was once naive. Having the fear of not living it up to expectations was always around during that time.

Having been a lecturer, you'd run into problems. Not just simple ones, but complicated ones. Students with problems in their household, trying to get some attention by hook or crook. At times, I was really afraid when that happened. Hopefully I've lived it through and provided sufficient advice. That gave me the experience of a very different view on problems, when it is seen at a more mature age. I too was once young, foolish, and made stupid decisions. Jimmy is his name. And I hope that he does move on.

Even though, I'd hope that I can inspire people, another group of people inspired me. Not a small group. But a large group. From entrepreneurs, entertainers, scientists, friends and even family.

Thanks to these people, I made a move that I never thought I would at such a young age. To start my own business. Chee Yang, Fu How, Yuen Hong. These are the people behind it. I am truly inspired and I want it to be a success. My closest friends, and family. Those who did give me a slap in the face and tell me; "DUDE! WTF! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING?" You know who you are, and I truly thank you. I appreciate it. There is always fear in ones life. May it be when you're sitting down and thinking, "Damn, I'm out of a job." Or be it, "How am I going to make money?" These people that I mentioned lit my way through out the struggle. From not having a job, to exploiting my talents and turn it into a gold rush opportunity.

Last but not least, is to learn to see that there is more in life, to grow old, to die, to love, to care for... That view truly knows no boundaries. As an extra inspiration, the heart and soul of an entertainer... the peoples of Pixar...

I have always wanted to write a review of their last feature length film; "Up". I think, there are plenty out there, and I do not wish to repeat what the critics have to say. But back to my point.

Life itself is a journey. Live it out. I definitely will.

Hopefully this sick gut feeling for wanting to care for someone is filled up. =)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I ought to update the blog a little more often. But when I do find interesting stuffs, or when I just wanna lash out at my local ISP, I'll do it.

I'm looking for a freaking job! BUT IN THIS TROUBLED TIMES, IT IS HARD! Frustration over. Moves on with life. And Pownce is closing down. Pownce has been acquired by Six Apart for an undisclosed amount of money. Pretty cool that they get acquired so soon. And congratulations to the Pownce Team.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tech Industries get the Hit

That's it, The tech sector is getting the hit with layoffs.

Revision3 had just laid off 30% of their staffs. Dell laid off 10% and a lot more. I guess this is the DOT BOOM BUST. Here's a nice tip from Jason Calacanis. Invest in yourself during this downtime. Eg. Projects, further better your skills and it will pay off.

There shall be more updates on the layoff. Head to Techcrunch and search for Layoff Tracker and you'll see how many companies had laid off staffs and which that may have bagged up everything and closed down the business.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


That's all that I'm gonna say. Hence, watch the video.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I got to post some stuffs!

Okay, this time, I was out busy with assignments. Rushing to finish one for myself, and getting some hardware working. Damn, that was busy. But still, engineering is a subject that I love!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Male Trait?

At times, I just love what I do. I'm a messy guy, but when it comes to engineering subjects, my mind pops up with ideas. At times, those ideas may seem to be too advance for the current technology, but still, it is still an idea to implement. It's still an idea. It's about being systematic in solving problems or storming for a new product or technology.

I realised how much I loved that kind of activity. It's as always the good old days back in Secondary school (High School) where I was taking the Engineering Drawing subject. My teacher, and god bless him that he was good and I really treasure the efforts that he used to teach the class, likes to give us questions, leave us alone to figure out solutions by ourselves. By hook or by crook, we come up with answers.

As of today, I was trying to finish assignments for the university. And that kind of feeling struck me, and it brought back memories. Still, I'm happy of what I've choose to do.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Looking for Electronic parts is hard in Ipoh

I've finally found the mixer I want in IPOH! YAY! But it's gonna cost me RM3.8k for me to get it. Oh, no, not so soon I'm afraid.

And I was out and about looking for Screened Twisted Pair cables. Can't find a single one. The best bet was one spindle, costing me RM300+. Okay. That's overboard.

Found some really good directional mics for my podcast, and it's going to cost me RM800. Found a pair of AKG. And for the first time, I'm gonna love high end audio. I think I'm turning into an Audiophile! SOMEBODY STOP ME! But anyways, High end headphones are always good. Some particular point is how accurately it reproduce sounds. I tested a pair of AKG K99 today at an audio equipment store. Here's the best bit. Any little bit of noise that an amplifier reproduce, you can hear it over the AKG. AWESOME! That's right down pricision. FTW! I need it, I'm gonna get it, it will cost me RM300. Pretty reasonable price compared to the ones that I have now, which was the Logitech Premium Headset 350 USB. That is also a good pair of headphones and mic for RM199. But if you push it to the limit, it will break. Mine's almost broken. Need to send it back for warranty.